Youth in Landscapes



To unite and empower youth (aged 18-35 years) from diverse backgrounds around the world to have a voice, and affect positive change in their landscapes and livelihoods.

2016 GLF

On November 16th, the 2016 Global Landscapes Forum will be held in Marrakesh, Morocco. The youth program we’re running will:

  • support a strong multidisciplinary, geographically diverse youth presence at 2016 GLF, especially from Northern Africa and the Middle-East
  • increase recognition about how youth are driving innovative ideas/projects/campaigns through showcasing their stories
  • help transform and support youth ideas into concrete local projects
  • foster intergenerational understanding and new partnerships between youth delegates and senior delegates at the 2016 GLF in Marrakesh.

Here’s how:

Before the conference During the conference After the conference
Webinars Youth session Long-term mentoring
Facilitation training workshop Youth facilitators in sessions
Showcasing alumni stories Mentoring
Co-designing the youth session

Showcasing alumni stories

We now have over 100 alumni across the world, many of whom we hear about informally and who are directly applying lessons from our programs. We are using digital participatory storytelling to more methodically capture these success stories and showcase them during the Global Landscapes Forum. You can see the map here!

Public webinars

Everyone is welcome to join our webinar series which aims to build intergenerational understanding and capacity about issues important to young people in landscapes. We cover a breadth of topics both about landscapes issues and about key soft skills. Register for our 2016 series here.  


Youth delegates are partnered with senior professionals from business, government, NGOs and research institutions, working across diverse fields who help guide their young mentees throughout the GLF and facilitate networking, and understanding of presented topics, themes, and forums. And, in turn, the mentees would have the opportunity to share their own knowledge, experiences and insights.

Youth session

Held during the Global Landscapes Forum, the youth session is an opportunity for everyone to learn about issues important to young people in landscapes. This year there will be a focus on migration from rural to urban areas. We’re designing the session with our youth alumni so that it is really representative of what the youth community feels is important. Read more about the session here.

Youth facilitators in sessions

10 young people have been selected to facilitate GLF discussion forums (meet them on our blog). It’s another one of the ways that we plug young professionals in to key leadership positions throughout the Forum. We’ll be running a one day facilitation training workshop the day before GLF to prepare them for this important role.