Agnieszka E. Latawiec

Project and Research Director, International Institute for Sustainability, Brazil.

Agnieszka E. Latawiec is Project and Research Director at the International Institute for Sustainability in Brazil. She also serves as Associate Professor at the Opole University of Technology in Poland and is a post-doc researcher at the Department of Geography and the Environment at the Pontific Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro. She completed her PhD in Environmental Sciences at the University of East Anglia where she is currently a Research Associate at the School of Environmental Sciences. Ms. Latawiec is interested in research on broader aspects of land management and has participated in or led a number of projects related to land-use change and modelling. In 2013, she participated in designing of the first discipline of Sustainability Science at the Pontific Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro. She seeks collaborative interdisciplinary research in a range of topics including soil science, land management, environmental decision-making, land-use change, impact assessments, sustainability science and indicators.