Petra Meekers

Director, CSR and Sustainable Development, Musim Mas

Petra Meekers is the Director of CSR and Sustainable Development at Musim Mas. Previously, she worked for NBPOL Services Pte Ltd in Singapore as the Group Sustainability Manager of NBPOL and Senior Associate in Global Sustainability Associates. As the Group Sustainability Manager, she was involved with managing the Corporate Social Responsibility strategy for the business. Prior to joining NBPOL, Ms. Meeker worked as the Sustainability Manager Asia for a Dutch renewable energy company, contributing to initiatives towards sustainable indicators for agricultural and biofuel sector and projects focusing on climate change. She has been involved in the implementation of environmental systems and social frameworks for a diverse range of companies providing tools to solve problems and create opportunities in relation to global supply chains. She focused on food, energy and agricultural sectors. Petra Meekers has a background in biochemistry and has international experience in quality management consultancy including environmental and social impact assessments.