Mansuetus Alsy Hanu (Darto)

National Coordinator, Indonesia’s Palm Oil Smallholder Union (SPKS)

Mansuetus Alsy Hanu (Darto) is the National Coordinator of Indonesia’s Palm Oil Smallholder Union (SPKS). Born in Kende-Flores, Indonesia, Darto is a long-time activist who works to encourage best agriculture practices for smallholder palm oil growers. In his role at the SPKS, one of the largest smallholder unions in Indonesia, he continually works to empower farmers to become independent growers. He regularly represents smallholders’ interests at sustainable palm oil round-tables, and has been a coordinator for the Forum of Sustainable Oil Palm Smallholders (FORTASBI) since 2014. He is currently based in Bogor, West Java, involved in research focused on smallholder practices.