Adrián Oliva

Governor of the Department of Tarija, Bolivia

Adrián Oliva is Governor of the Department of Tarija, Bolivia. At age 26, he was made Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs in 2004-2005, to become the youngest Deputy Minister in Bolivia’s history. He acted as General Counsel of the Prefecture of Tarija, in various institutional arrangements from 2003-4 and 2007-9, and participated in the struggle for the autonomy of Tarija. In 2006, he was an adviser in Conflict Management to the Dutch Service for Development Cooperation. Until last year, he was President of the Parliamentary Alliance for Democracy of America (APDA) that brings together representatives and senators from nine Latin American countries. Adrian Oliva has undertaken postgraduate work in Social Sciences and is currently finishing his Master’s degree in Sustainable Development and Environment at the University of San Simón.