Isabel Garcia-Drigo

Member of the Economic Chamber of FSC International

Isabel Garcia-Drigo is a member of the Economic Chamber of FSC International. She is a researcher, lead assessor and consultant, specializing in forest management, forest management standards development and forest certification. Since 2007, she performs FSC audits on behalf of the Rainforest Alliance in the Brazillian Amazon. She also works in research projects with CIRAD and CIFOR. She recently joined the FSC Brazil Standard Development Group and the FSC International Working Group on High Conservation Values and Intact Forest Landscape issues. This group will be responsable for guides to HCV evaluation and monitoring and build the International Generic Standards to address Intact Landscape Forests issues within the upcoming national FSC Standards. Ms. Garcia-Drigo has a PhD in Envionmental Science from Sao Paulo University and AgroParisTech in France. Her thesis focused on the barriers to the implementation of forest concessions in Brazil and Bolivia.