Francisco Gordillo

Head, Technical Secretariat, Regional Water Fund (FORAGUA)

Francisco Gordillo is head of the Technical Secretariat of the Regional Water Fund (FORAGUA), a trust fund created to administer environmental fees designed for long-term conservation of water resources in the provinces of Loja, El Oro and Zamora. He is a specialist in biotechnology as a tool for environmental remediation. He has worked as principal scientist at the Private Technical University of Loja, where he also served as Dean of the School of Mines, Unit Director of Mining and Geological Services, and Director of the Center for Cellular and Molecular Biology. He was a member and representative for Ecuador in the network of Bioprocesses for the Remediation and Reduction of Environmental Pollution (BIORECA). He authored the final design project for the integrated treatment of environmental liabilities in Portovelo Mining District.