Steven Lawry

Director, Forests and Governance Research Portfolio, Center for International Forestry Research

Steven Lawry is Director of the Forests and Governance Research Portfolio at the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR).Previous positions include Associate Director in charge of Africa programs at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Land Tenure Center (LTC), Global Practice Leader for Land Tenure and Property Rights at DAI, a Washington-based development-consulting group, and Head of the USAID-funded Sudan Property Rights Program. He also served in various roles at the Ford Foundation. Mr. Lawry has carried out research on the devolution of forest rights from state authorities to communities in developing countries; the governance of land use in customary tenure regimes in sub-Saharan Africa; and on the impact of land rights formalization on agricultural productivity and investment. He received a PhD from the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies at the UW-Madison in 1988.