John Gethi

Director of Milk Procurement, Brookside Dairy Ltd., Kenya

John Gethi is Director of Milk Procurement, Brookside Dairy Ltd. & General Manager, Gicheha Farms Ltd in Kenya. As a graduate of the University of London, he started off with farming, in 1987 on their family farms engaging in both livestock and crop farming. Four years later, John joined Gicheha Farms Ltd, a sister company to Brookside Dairy Ltd, in 1991. Working as Farm Manager, he started growing sisal for export, establishing sheep flocks and growing vegetables and fruit for the local market. Mr. Gethi then took on new responsibilities as Operations Director within the Group, to grow and export fresh flowers and vegetables into some of the largest European supermarkets for 5 years. John joined Brookside Dairy in 1999. Today, Brookside is one of the largest milk processors in Africa, with operations in Kenya, Uganda & Tanzania.