Christian Dannecker

Director Sustainable Supply Chains and Land Use, South Pole Group

Christian Dannecker is Director Sustainable Supply Chains and Land Use at South Pole Group, working with private companies, communities and the public sector in the area of carbon credits and carbon markets, REDD+ readiness, NAMA, climate finance, deforestation free supply chains, water footprints and water risk management, Renewable Energy Credits, policy, MRV, capacity building, and land based carbon project development. His references include >50 Australian Carbon Farming Projects, policy advisory for FIP/ADB REDD+ investments, NAMA development in Tunisia, Honduras and Colombia , native species reforestation and species conservation projects using the VCS and the CCBS standards, and one of world’s largest REDD+ projects, the Kariba REDD+ project in Zimbabwe. He also works as Director of Corporate Development for Climate Friendly, a member of the South Pole group, and is board member of Natural Carbon Pty Ltd. (Australia). Mr. Dannecker currently works in the CODE REDD member committee and in the CCBS standards committee, and is a recognized VCS JNR expert. He holds a M.Sc. in Environmental Sciences from ETH Zurich.