Dominique Roques

Head of Naturals Sourcing, Firmenich

Dominique Roques is Head of Naturals Sourcing at Firmenich. A graduate of HEC, the French Business School, Dominique has dedicated his career to natural products. He joined Biolandes, a French company specializing in natural aromatic raw materials. Over his 20 years at Biolandes, he organized integrated supply chains in Spain, Morocco, Madagascar, Turkey and Bulgaria. Joining Firmenich’s Purchasing Team in 2009, he has been in charge of sourcing a comprehensive portfolio of Naturals, from the largest commodities (Mints & Patchouli) to the most selective specialties like Rose or Agarwood. Mr. Roques has been gradually promoting a new sourcing model based on upgrading the suppliers’ role into partnerships. In 2014, he launched “Naturals Together”, bringing together, with Firmenich, 15 Ingredient producers at source worldwide, focused on Responsible Sourcing & Innovation.