Maria José Sanz Sanchez

Programme Coordinator, UN-REDD Programme, FAO

Maria José Sanz Sanchez is Programme Coordinator of the UN-REDD Programme at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). Prior to this, Ms. Sanz Sanchez has worked as Air Pollution Effects, Carbon Cycle and Atmospheric Chemistry Programme Director at the Centre for Environmental Studies in the Mediterranean. She also served as Senior Officer at the UNFCCC Secretariat, leading the support for negotiations on LULUCF, Agriculture and REDD; and at the Climate Change Research Institute as Scientific Director. Ms. Sanz Sanchez has also been a member of the Spanish Delegation and Advisor to the Ministry of Environment for Climate Change Negotiations and a member of the CDM Executive Board, representing Europe in 2007. She was an author of the IPCC report when the IPCC won the 2007 Peace Nobel Prize.