Annette Lanjouw

Vice President, Strategic Initiatives and Great Ape Program, Arcus Foundation

Annette Lanjouw is the Vice President, Strategic Initiatives and Great Ape Program for the Arcus Foundation. In this capacity, Annette leads the work to ensure the respect and survival of great apes and their natural habitat across their range in Africa and SE Asia. She previously served as the Regional Director for Africa and Latin America for Fauna and Flora International, and the International Program Officer for the Howard G. Buffett Foundation. From 1993-2005, Ms. Lanjouw was the Director of the International Gorilla Conservation Programme (IGCP), a collaboration of the Worldwide Fund for Nature, African Wildlife Foundation and Fauna & Flora International. Before that, she was the program coordinator for the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) Protected Area Regional Conservation Strategy across Central Africa. Annette also worked as Project Manager/Field Director for the Frankfurt Zoological Society’s Chimpanzee Conservation Project in eastern DRC from 1987 to 1990. Annette Lanjouw has a Doctorandus degree in Behavioural Ecology (Bonobos) from the Rijks Universiteit te Utrecht, Netherlands, and a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Zoology and Psychology from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.