Kaspar Wansleben

Managing Director, Luxembourg Microfinance and Development Fund (LMDF)

Kaspar Wansleben is the Managing Director of Luxembourg Microfinance and Development Fund (LMDF). He has been involved in microfinance since 2006 as a member of the credit committee of the finance program of MFIs: LUXMINT, managed by ADA. Before joining LMDF, he also worked at the Intenational Labour Organisation (2002) and at PlanetRating (2004). Mr. Wansleben is a visiting lecturer at the University of Luxembourg on social entrepreneurship and a board member of MFX Solutions Inc, the provider of currency risk solutions to the microfinance sector. Kaspar Wansleben is chartered accountant and joined KPMG in 2005 where he was specialized during 6 years in the industrial and financial sectors as advisor in finance and auditor. He graduated in Business and Finance from the Euromed in Marseille and the University of Bremen.