Wednesday, 16 November    17.45 - 18.45    Marrakesh room

Closing plenary: Reaching one billion — Launch of the future Global Landscapes Forum

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The closing plenary will feature representatives from the Global Landscapes Forum’s founding and coordinating partners to share and discuss their visions and expectations for the future of the Forum over the next four years.

Since its inception in 2013, the Forum has experienced exponential growth, becoming the world’s foremost science-led platform for policy makers, researchers, development practitioners and representatives from civil society, finance and the corporate sector to exchange expertise and best practice examples around integrated land use. The Forum is a self-funded, spontaneous and living platform not owned by any government, organization or group – and it is on the verge of becoming a global movement where we connect, learn, share and act to solve the greatest development challenges of our time.

The more than 350 organizations and the tens of thousands of people across the globe who participate online and at Forum events form a community dedicated to finding holistic and cross-sectorial solutions to the world’s most pressing problems, including climate change, poverty, inequity and food insecurity.

The Forum is undergoing a transformation, from focusing on policy advice to implementing action on the ground and tracking progress toward new climate and development goals. Through scientific input, capacity-building programs, online engagement, thematic symposiums and global events, GLF aspires to introduce one billion people by 2020 to the landscape approach – and connect them in embracing it. The GLF is more than just a series of events: it is a dynamic platform with which diverse stakeholders can collaborate to create a more sustainable world.

Join our movement as we collectively aim to address climate change and the development agenda.