Wednesday, 16 November    13.45 - 15.30    Marrakesh room

Welcoming plenary and roundtable: Climate meets landscape — from agenda to progress

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In 2015, world leaders set clear goals to steer our global community through sustainability and development efforts. The Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Climate Agreement identify necessary next steps for countries to achieve these goals.

Both agreements make it clear that climate targets cannot be achieved by focusing on carbon alone, but must be a co-benefit of a holistic approach to solving development challenges.

Fortunately, such solutions already exist – at the landscape level. From planning ministries seeking more effective coordination to grassroots organizations empowering ordinary people to be more resource efficient, more leaders around the world are breaking down boundaries between the development, environment and economic sectors.

The opening plenary of the 2016 Global Landscapes Forum in Marrakesh will bring together leaders from policy, research, civil society and grassroots activism to share their visions for realizing climate solutions – utilizing the landscape approach and identifying key next steps to achieving tangible, implementable action. Speakers will share their hopes for the event and raise questions to be discussed within the more than 25 interactive and breakout sessions at the Forum.