Which kind of data visualizations are accepted?

We understand “infographic” in a broad sense as a “visual representation of facts, data, figures, messages or concepts”. Static and interactive data visualizations can be submitted. This can also include digital drawings, cartoons or other simple designs. You do not need to use professional software.

To get an idea of what we are looking for, check out these examples of infographics:

Who can participate?

Virtually everybody: research institutes, think tanks, amateurs, students and graphic designers are particularly encouraged to participate. Check out our opportunities for capacity building if you want to improve your skills – watch this space for updates.

Can infographics be submitted by teams?

Yes! We encourage submissions from teams composed of diverse profiles. If you are a researcher, why not work with a designer – if you are a designer in need of hard facts, why not team up with a researcher?

Do participants retain copyright over submissions?

Yes, you retain ownership of the entry. However, by submitting your entry, you agree to its licensing under Creative Commons, therefore allowing its free re-use provided clear crediting is given. We will give full attribution to designers and their teams.