Day 1 | Dec 6   08.45 - 10.15

Contrasting Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs) and international financing for climate change in Latin America

Derecho, Ambiente y Recursos Naturales (DAR), Ford Foundation


In 2010, Peru committed to the UNFCCC in three points: zero deforestation by 2021, change in the energy matrix to reach 40 percent renewable energy and improved management of solid waste. The session aimed to contrast the advances of voluntary commitments with international funding received to mitigate climate change. Specialists from Mexico and Brazil presented findings from their countries.

The discussion also touched upon countries’ upcoming commitments to the UNFCCC, better known as Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCS). While governments still have until March 2015 to inform the UNFCCC about their INDCS, developments in their public policy and affected sectors can give an indication of future INDCS. By reviewing the international financial flows countries have received in recent years it will become easier to make a proposal for their future INDCS.

Presentations covered progress of Peru’s voluntary commitments to the UNFCCC and on financing for climate change in Latin America. A panel discussion and a discussion involving participants followed.

Key questions addressed:

  1. What progress have countries made in their voluntary commitments to combat climate change?
  2. How can the progress of the commitments support the next INDC?
  3. Is there a relationship between voluntary commitments and international financing for the country?

Background reading:

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