Day 1 – Saturday, 5 December    19:00 - 20:00    Room: Blue Hall Paris side

Speed Networking: Scaling up landscape approaches

By invitation only

The landscape approach is getting more attention but putting it into practice is far from easy. Too often, even with the best of intentions, projects get caught in single sectoral or issue focus, such as reforestation or improved water access.

The Global Landscapes Forum (GLF) is already known as a unique opportunity for people worldwide, with a common interest in the landscape approach, to exchange knowledge and build networks. The new connections made and the knowledge shared are keys to integrated landscape management.

For this year’s GLF, we want to try something different: to make the networking even more efficient – but no less effective – we will get the right people around the right topics in one room for one hour. Speed Networking, much like speed dating, means meeting people in rapid succession; forming new relationships and, potentially, new partnerships,

By bringing together experts from several sectors – research, government, project development, and the private and finance sectors – we hope to give upscaling of the landscape approach a much-needed push forward. “Upscaling” here means expanding, adapting and sustaining successful policies, programs or projects in different places and over time to reach more people.

We ask that participants consider:

  • What their sector can do to contribute to upscaling efforts; and
  • What other sectors can do that would enable them to better engage with efforts to scale up landscape approaches.

Ideas for the Speed Networking session include

  • Developing the best financial strategies to support scaling up landscape approaches
  • Financing arrangements to catalyze funding to where it’s needed most
  • How to reduce the risk to financial investments in landscape approaches
  • Designing policy instruments to incentivize the uptake of integrated landscape management
  • How to scale up landscape approaches and maintain or enhance gender and social equity
  • Establishing optimal governance structures for landscape approaches
  • How and when to integrate top-down and bottom-up governance
  • Exploring the best ways to drive an expanded efforts (i.e. incentives/enforcement)
  • Developing methods for measuring progress towards social and environmental objectives in a given landscape