Day 2 – Sunday, 6 December    13.15 - 14.15    Room: 241

Landscapes and seascapes for food, nutrition and the environment: Exploring the business, policy, and science connections

Hosts:  Bioversity International, Stockholm Eat Initiative, Stockholm University, CGIAR, Swedbio

Reaching the newly defined Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) requires a serious joint effort from science, policy and business. The sound management of food production systems is fundamental for both environmental sustainability and nutrition security and demonstrating how goals are interconnected. Achieving the SDGs therefore requires looking at synergies between food, health and the environment.

This session will build on previous cross-disciplinary discussions to broaden the dialogue around the concept of landscape and seascape “multifunctionality”, the goal of which is to enable healthy diets derived from landscapes and seascapes that are sustainably managed for multiple outcomes. The chosen panel members from business, policy and science will be asked to provide a brief viewpoint on how our current global challenges related to food, health and environment require multi-sectoral collaboration. The panel will present their experiences and highlight examples of how we can collaborate across sectors to achieve the mutual objectives of environmental sustainability, nutrition and health.

What can participants learn?

  • How can theoretical concepts of multifunctional landscapes and seascapes improve health and nutrition in practice?
  • How can different disciplines learn to work together to achieve goals on food, health and environment?

Reference Sites for Background Reading and Review

Healthy People, Healthy Planet: Linking diets to food production landscapes


This lunch session is a product of the Stockholm Eat Initiative theme on Multifunctional Landscapes and seascapes is the result of a collaborative effort of the CGIAR (Bioversity International, CIAT, and CIFOR) with the Stockholm Resilience Center.