Day 2 | Dec 7   11.15 - 12.45

A new climate agenda? Moving forward with adaptation-based mitigation

Program on Forests (PROFOR)

Adaptation-based mitigation is one solution for addressing climate change. Therefore it is important to identify what the international community can do support on the ground implementation of adaptation-based mitigation. A landscapes approach can help overcome obstacles and foster cross-sectoral collaboration, which will be also key to meet targets set out by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

This session will explore the challenges and opportunities for adaptation-based mitigation activities. Ministers and high-level government officials of environment from Latin America, Africa and East Asia will share their experiences and perspectives on the potential for such activities to address climate change while contributing to national development. The international and cross-sectoral collaboration needed to implement such solutions will also be identified.

Key questions addressed:

  1. What is government’s interpretation of adaptation-based mitigation? And how does it feature in their strategy for climate resilience?
  2. What are they doing to make adaptation-based mitigation a reality on the ground?
  3. What type of science and support have they used and do they need?
  4. How can the international community facilitate the success of such solutions?

Background reading:

El Salvador’s National Program for the Restoration of Ecosystems and Rural Landscapes (PREP)

Adaptation-Based Mitigation in Degraded Landscapes Vulnerable to High Climatic Variation