Chris Brown

Vice President, Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability, Olam International (UK) Ltd

Chris is responsible for supporting the business to develop and integrate strategies and actions that deliver leadership, business value and environmental governance across Olam’s global operations. Key thematic areas include water stewardship, climate change and natural capital. This requires collaboration with colleagues in all areas of the business including corporate functions such as Risk and Finance and operations including farming, processing and logistics in order to operationalise environmental value. It also requires an increasing focus on growing Olam’s relationships with organisations and stakeholders including farmers, financiers, communities, customers and development agencies; to support the delivery of mutual sustainable value. Chris brings 20-years of experience from sectors including the automotive sector with Toyota and the power sector with E.ON. He is currently a co-chair of the WBCSD Climate Smart Agriculture working group, a Board member of the Alliance for Water Stewardship and has recently completed his 2-year term as a member of the UN CEO Water Mandate’s Steering Committee.