Achieving climate and development goals

In 2015, world leaders had to agree on new climate and development goals. Tracking the progress countries make in achieving these goals is critical in coming years. Whereas the 2014 Forum focused on the newest scientific findings pointing to the critical role of landscapes for achieving these goals, sessions in 2015 aimed to identify and launch the tools and instruments needed to measure progress at the landscape level.

Umayo ― The Hidden Lagoon. Photo by Noelia Bedoya-Perales

With this new focus, sessions addressed:

  • Measurement, reporting and verification (MRV) of climate and development goals in land-use sectors;
  • Technology and innovation in monitoring land-use change;
  • Developing knowledge support tools;
  • Multi-stakeholder engagement in monitoring;
  • The role of independent monitoring and assessment tools;
  • Emissions reporting – turning land-use change numbers into measures of impact on the atmosphere;
  • Assessing the social and environmental impacts of private sector zero-deforestation commitments;
  • The role of landscapes in SDG targets and indicators.