Benjamin Cashore

Professor of Environmental Governance and Political Science, Yale University

Benjamin Cashore is Professor of Environmental Governance and Political Science at Yale University’s School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. He is Director of the Governance, Environment and Markets (GEM) Initiative at Yale and the Joseph C. Fox Faculty Director of the Yale International Fox Fellows Program. He also directs the International Union of Forest Research Organization’s (IUFRO) task force on International Forest Governance. Mr. Cashore’s major research interests include the emergence of non-state governance innovations, their intersection with traditional governmental processes, and the role of firms, non-state actors, civil society and governments in shaping these trends. His awards include the 2014 IUFRO’s  Scientific achievement award, the International Studies Association’s 2005 Sprout prize for the best book on international environmental policy and politics that he co-authored, and the 2001 John McMenemy Prize for the best article to appear in the Canadian Journal of Political Science in the year 2000.