Winners and prizes

The best infographics will be selected by a jury based on the defined criteria.

Competition winners will receive a cash prize to spend on design software packages or equipment of their choice.

  • First prize (Jury’s choice): USD 1,000
  • Second prize (Jury’s choice): USD 500

And don’t forget about the non-financial opportunities: We will use the best submissions to inform discussions at the Global Landscapes Forum in Lima and our outreach around the event. All participants will be duly credited. We are expected more than 1500 participants present at the venue in Lima, and hundreds of thousands more will be reached through our online campaign – this is a unique opportunity for global exposure.

Criteria for the jury choice prizes

Multidisciplinarity, cross-sectoral focus: Participants are encouraged to draw on findings and data from across multiple disciplines, and related to several sectors (e.g. land use, energy, biodiversity, socio-economic issues…) in order to explore how these issues are connected in practice.

Clarity, academic rigor: the infographic or design must convey a clear idea and should be accessible to a wide audience, including non-specialists, while remaining academically rigorous (full referencing of facts and figures used).

Concept: The submission should address a powerful, thought-provoking and/or awareness-raising concept. We stress again that particular attention will be given to submissions that successfully link various thematic areas together (criteria 1) and showcase landscapes beyond their biophysical components.

Originality: Be creative! Submissions that draw unexpected links, use innovative design techniques and display unique thinking will be preferred.