International Tropical Timber Organization

At ITTO we promote the conservation, sustainable management and legal trade of tropical timber and other tropical forest products. We work with governments to develop good policies and we partner with local organizations to implement these policies to help them use their forests sustainably. Through our global leadership – we cover around 80% of the world’s area of tropical forest and 90% of the tropical forest products trade – we help protect biodiversity, mitigate climate change and bring people out of poverty through sustainable forest management (SFM). ITTO is an action-oriented international organization, with nearly 30 years of experience. We have funded over a thousand projects dealing with the various aspects of SFM, including harvesting, biodiversity conservation, climate change mitigation, environmental services, community forestry, livelihoods, timber processing, timber trade, non-timber forest products, forest governance, etc. ITTO also produces reliable statistics on timber trade.

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