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The Youth in Landscapes Initiative unites young innovators (aged 18 – 35) to develop real-world solutions to land use challenges in partnership with organisations working on the ground.

Build your skills: Networking

In today’s digital age, social networking is a term we hear constantly. Everyone or almost everyone is a part of some social network (whether they know it or not is another thing).

But why are networks so important?

What is it about them that makes us tick?

And if it’s really all about ‘who you know’, how can you start building these important connections?

In the video and PDF documents below, we answer these questions and introduce you to the key skills needed to be an effective networker.

Preparing your networking action plan: 4 key steps

1. Define your networking goal: what do you want to achieve?

2. Identify who you want to meet – and do your research!

3. Identify the main networking opportunities at GLF (or your event): when, where, and what?

4. Think about your pitch: how will you make a great first impression?

For more information, read:

10 Steps to better networking (PDF)

A guide to networking (PDF)