Landscape restoration

In light of recent international initiatives recognizing the role of Landscape restoration in achieving sustainable development, sessions at the 2015 Global Landscapes Forum under this theme considered progress made, reflected on lessons learned, and showcased approaches for making global andscape restoration a success. Topics under the landscape restoration theme covered analysis and planning for restoration, tools and approaches to implementing and evaluating production and/or conservation outcomes, and delivery of key ecosystem goods and services to support livelihoods.

Mangroves and livelihoods in Guinea-Bissau. Photo by Joana Melo

In general, sessions under the landscape restoration theme addressed:

  • Assessing progress toward achieving the Bonn Challenge and other global restoration goals;
  • Experiences with / lessons learned from large-scale restoration;
  • Land and soil degradation;
  • Optimizing forest landscape restoration outcomes for livelihoods;
  • Investment opportunities in restoration;
  • Institutional, governance and biophysical challenges during project design and implementation;
  • Biodiversity offsets, zero deforestation and landscape restoration;
  • Economic incentives for landscape restoration and investment opportunities;
  • Measuring progress: cost-effective monitoring for decision making;
  • Collective action and innovation in multi-stakeholder governance structures in support of restoration;
  • Beyond tree planting: the role of forest natural regeneration as a restoration tool;
  • Restoring landscapes for food security.