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Why host a Discussion Forum?

In Discussion Forums, participants explore in depth a particular topic under one or more of the Forum’s themes. Discussion Forums are the main avenue for stakeholder exchange, where hosts have an opportunity to inform policy makers and practitioners about the newest findings from research and practice, and engage new and existing audiences in their work and ideas. Parallel Discussion Forums will take place over both days of the Forum. Results of discussions will feed directly into the Global Landscapes Forum’s outcomes, thanks to notes by the nominated Rapporteurs. What is the format of Discussion Forums?

Each Discussion Forum will last for 90 minutes and may feature up to four speakers. Host organizations have the discretion to choose the format of their sessions. We strongly encourage hosts to explore new approaches to facilitating interactive discussions.

Applications are now closed. Please see selected sessions here

Why host a Launchpad?

A Launchpad serves as a side event dedicated to releasing new research or tools and launching new initiatives to participants at the Forum. Hosts of Launchpads benefit from the large target audience at the Forum, the media attention that it attracts and the services of a renowned global communications firm. Launchpads are open to all participants, but are especially targeted at international and specialist media covering the UNFCCC COP21 and the Forum. All Launchpads are strategically promoted as part of ongoing media outreach as part of the Forum more widely; teasers will be featured in pre-event media advisories distributed to more than 3,000 selected environment and climate journalists, and information will be included in a dedicated online press room.

What is the format of a Launchpad?

Launchpads run for 20–30 minutes, with the length to be determined during the selection process. In exceptional cases and depending on the proposed program, a launch can run for more than 30 minutes. Launchpads are organized in the style of a press conference, with a short presentation of the new findings, tool or initiative by key spokespersons followed by a Q&A session with journalists and the general audience.

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Why host a landscapes laboratory station?

A Landscapes Laboratory station is an exhibition space dedicated to showcasing technological advances and innovations, as technology increasingly changes the way we study, monitor, and manage the biggest challenges facing Earth, from deforestation to climate change. Hosts of Landscapes Laboratories have an opportunity to showcase their work in this field and give interested participants hands-on demonstrations to show how technological innovation can improve natural resource management.

What is the format of a Landscapes Laboratory station?

Landscapes Laboratory stations will be open throughout the second day of the event (6 December) as part of the Forum’s exhibition space. Located at the center of the event, all stations will be easily accessible to the more than 2,000 participants expected at the event. Stations will be set up in an interactive format that encourages your audience to directly engage with the technological tools you are presenting.

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Why join a Thematic Pavilion?

Thematic Pavilions provide a unique opportunity for organizations working on similar topics to come together and present their work over the course of the second day (6 December) of the Global Landscapes Forum. Through pavilions, organizations can present their individual findings alongside peers that are working toward similar goals, thus providing a richer experience for participants and hosts, compared to conventional individual exhibition booths. For the expected audience of more than 2,000, Thematic Pavilions will serve as central meeting places and networking spaces

What is the format of a Thematic Pavilion?

Exhibition space: The Forum’s large exhibition space will feature up to seven Thematic Pavilions, each focused on a cross-cutting topic related to sustainable landscapes, such as biodiversity, gender or food security. Each pavilion will bring together a maximum of six organizations; these might be partners who have previously worked together on projects or organizations coming together at the Forum for the first time.

Platform for knowledge sharing: In addition to the daylong exhibition, Thematic Pavilion hosts have the opportunity to use their space for joint activities. Each pavilion is invited to organize 2-3 activities throughout the day, for 30-45 minutes (subject to the total number of pavilions). Examples of activities include moderated discussions, Q&A sessions, book discussions and ”meet the author” events. Forum organizers encourage pavilion hosts to be creative and choose methods that encourage dialogue with the audience.

At the 2015 Forum, activities at pavilions will be advertised through a separate program to maximize audience participation.

Applications are now closed.