Day 1 | Dec 6   13.45 - 15.15

High-level opening plenary: Negotiating landscapes for multiple benefits

Demand for land for food, infrastructure development and energy is rising worldwide. The increasing hunger for commodities and energy is driving deforestation, forest and soil degradation across the globe, especially in tropical countries. These land use trends often compete with conservation as well as climate adaptation and mitigation objectives on the ground. In the worst case, competing demands lead to violent conflicts.

The session explored how integrated approaches support the achievement of multiple benefits in the landscape. The facilitator framed the topic, introduced speakers and then invited speakers to make individual remarks. A moderated Q&A included questions by the facilitator to the panel as well as audience questions and comments.

Key questions addressed:

  1. Which processes and principles can be applied that help in negotiating multiple benefits?
  2. What are the main obstacles to achieving combined land use solutions?
  3. What does “good landscape governance” look like?