Using Spatial Information to support decision making in national REDD+ strategies

This article posts during GLF 2014. See in English | Espanol

This presentation by Valerie Kapos was given at the Global Landscapes Forum 2014, in a discussion session titled “Using spatial information to support decision making in national REDD+ strategies“.

The discussion forum explored the role of spatial information in planning for REDD+ and wider landscape management, drawing on national experiences associated with the UN-REDD Programme or the REDD-PAC project.

Key questions addressed:

Which benefits and risks of REDD+ and alternative land uses are most amenable to planning approaches based on spatial information?
Which issues are less suited to using spatial information and planning approaches?
How can the wide range of different sectors and stakeholders affected best be engaged in, and encouraged to provide information for planning and decision making for REDD+ and other land use policies?