Kindy Rinaldy Syahrir

Deputy Director, Center for Climate Change Financing and Multilateral Policy, Fiscal Policy Agency, Ministry of Finance, Indonesia

Dr. Kindy Rinaldy Syahrir is the Deputy Director for Climate Finance and International Policy at the Ministry of Finance, Republic of Indonesia. Holding the position since May 2015, Dr. Syahrir’s portfolio is focused on climate resilience development finance. His prior role at the Ministry of Finance was Deputy Director for Macroeconomic Surveilance, and Head of SOE Revenue Policy.

Dr. Syahrir also over 18 years of experience in the private sector. He was a member of the Risk Management Committee of PT Aneka Tambang tbk, and has served as the company’s Lead Economic and Business Advisor since February 2015. His other prior roles in the private sector includes Lead Financial Analyst with PT Telkom Indonesia tbk and Financial Analyst with PT Mattel Indonesia.

Dr. Syahrir has a BA in Physics from Institute Teknologi Bandung and in Manufacturing Engineering from the University of New South Wales, an MA in Accounting & Finance and in Economics from the University of Sydney, and a PhD in Economics from Universitas Padjajaran.