Johan Kieft

Senior Regional Technical Advisor, UN Environment

Johan is a senior specialist on Climate Change Mainstreaming, Climate Finance and Green Growth/green economy transition. . Currently he is working as regional UN-REDD coordinator as green economy and land use specialist. His current role focuses on Green Economy Mainstreaming in Development Planning in Indonesia and other south east Asian countries to address drivers of deforestation as well as work on improving the ability to address peat land fires and peat land management both through facilitating Stakeholder engagement as well as providing high level policy advisory services. .

He has worked on on Green Growth, Climate Financing and Climate Change mainstreaming into development planning processes with emphasis on economic development planning. A key element of previous work was his support the development of the recently enacted Vietnam Green Growth Strategy.

He is mastering key environmental and climate change issues varying from climate change financing to aid effectiveness and climate change as well as the development of Low Emission Climate Resilient Development strategies. In particular, he is familiar with the use and implementation of Strategic Environmental Assessment tools and implementation of Multilateral Environmental Agreements.

As an experienced professional, he has worked on high level advocacy related initiatives in the fields of climate change, conflict and disaster management, environmental issues and gender mainstreaming. In addition he has managed complex multiple sector development projects and programs.