Ann Jeannette Glauber

Lead Environment Specialist, World Bank

Ann Jeannette Glauber is the World Bank’s Jakarta-based Lead Environmental Specialist for Indonesia, where she brings over 20 years of leadership on global environmental issues in Latin America, Africa and Asia. Ms. Glauber has experience in managing large-scale, innovative, cross-sectoral programs that emphasize sustainable development, climate adaptation, watershed and natural resource management. Her work with the World Bank’s Environment and Natural Resources General Practice has focused on harnessing the value of natural resources for sustainable development, strengthening environmental management systems and institutions, building partnerships across key stakeholders to support innovative action on environmental priorities, and leveraging financial and knowledge resources to maximize impact.

Ms. Glauber is currently the lead for the Indonesia Sustainable Landscapes Management program, which supports the Government of Indonesia in addressing deforestation and land degradation, with a focus on fire and haze. Prior to this, Ms. Glauber was a Senior Environmental Specialist at the World Bank Office in Tanzania where she led the environment and climate change portfolio, including programs on wildlife-based tourism, fisheries and coastal resource management, and climate adaptation. Ms. Glauber has also worked with the Latin America and Caribbean region, where she led complex, multi-sectoral projects, including on river basin management and payment for environmental services in Mexico, and land and protected areas management in El Salvador, Panama and Honduras.

Before joining the World Bank as an Environmental Specialist in 2002, Ms. Glauber worked on wetlands restoration and licensing with Levine-Fricke-Recon in Emeryville, California, and as a researcher investigating the role of Amazonian forest biodiversity on nutrient cycling. She has a BSc in Environmental Science from the University of California and an MSc in Riparian Ecology from the University of Washington.