Global Landscapes Forum: Peatlands Matter

With more than 400 people in attendance in Jakarta — as well as over 1,000 views of the event livestream and more than 9,000,000 people reached through Twitter — the thematic Global Landscapes Forum: Peatlands Matter brought together local and global actors to accelerate positive action in the management of peatlands around the world.

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The Global Landscapes Forum commits to a community-first approach

The thematic Global Landscapes Forum: Peatlands Matter event in Jakarta explored what it means to have truly multi-directional and multi-stakeholder dialogues surrounding peatlands and the people who make a living on them.

"It's important not to see peatlands as wastelands, but as a resource."

Dennis del Castillo
Director of Forest Management and Environmental Service Program, Peruvian Amazon Research Institute (IIAP)

"There are three types of knowledge that can contribute to peatlands: science, local knowledge and policy expertise."

Sonya Dewi Santoso
Indonesia Country Coordinator – Senior Landscape Ecologist, ICRAF

"The landscape approach is not a project. It goes beyond that. It's a process."

Terry Sunderland
Principal Scientist with CIFOR's Forests and Livelihoods programme

"We, the communities in the field, know the condition of the land"

Abdul Agus Nuraini
Muara Siran Community Member and Head of Natural Resource Management Board

"Peatlands are not just land, but our identity as Dayak people. I’m here to bring the stories from the ground, from those who need to be heard."

Emmanuela Shinta
Indigenous leader from the Ranu Welum Foundation

"Peatlands provide livelihoods for millions of people worldwide and have tremendously important environmental functions. We need to support local communities in finding the best way forward. When we put people first, then we can make progress for the climate too. The reverse order is not desirable, or even possible."

Peter Holmgren
Director General, CIFOR

"Protecting peatlands is a global priority that requires integrated spatial planning, assessing policy conflicts, and improving coordination and incentive systems. Solutions require a comprehensive program focused on defining accountability of public and private actors, while improving land rights, information and fire management systems."

Werner Kornexl
Manager of the World Bank’s Program on Forests (PROFOR)

Photos from the event

Winners of Global Landscapes Forum photo competition


Koran River


Waterworld: floating market on Dal Lake


Wetlands and Peatlands matter a lot

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