Monday, 6 June    17:00 - 18:00    Room: Wolfson Library Room 1

Sustainable Ocean Fund

Hosts:  Althelia Ecosphere

Note: This year’s Global Landscapes Forum will pioneer an innovative format for launching concrete investment opportunities at a high level: the dragons’ den. 

We bring together leading thinkers from finance, the corporate sector and landscape research. Here, organizations behind the launch will have the opportunity to pitch their investment opportunity to the experts and receive immediate feedback. After the pitches, organizers behind the launched initiatives will break out into separate rooms, where they can meet with interested investors and potential partners for focused discussions around the specific investment opportunity.

Collectively, the global ocean covers 70% of our planet, and over one billion people depend on fish for their primary source of protein, with more than 350 million jobs linked to the ocean through fishing, aquaculture, coastal and marine tourism.

However, over-fishing, the changing climate and increased pollution, are exhausting this critical common global resource, with 90% of the world’s ocean fisheries categorised as over exploited or fully exploited and with cumulative losses from fisheries mismanagement estimated to be more than US$2.2 trillion over the last thirty years.

The Althelia Sustainable Ocean Fund is an impact investment vehicle dedicated to creating, accelerating, and executing sustainable fishery, aquaculture and coastal development projects globally, whilst applying best-in- class social and environmental governance.

Investment will be made into managed access to fish stocks, seafood supply chain assets and market access to improve biodiversity, livelihoods, and the value of the landed catch. Investment will also be made into sustainable aquaculture, ecotourism and related environmental markets ( e.g. blue carbon).

Returns will be created through the repayment of project loans and through upside participation via revenue share and equity options.

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