Important milestone for European forest collaboration – EUFORGEN turns 20

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Originally posted at Bioversity International

The European Forest Genetic Resources Programme (EUFORGEN) turns 20. In celebrating this important milestone, the programme has launched a short film that reflects on some achievements and explains why continued regional collaboration on forest genetic resources is needed.

“The recent achievements of EUFORGEN, notably the EUFGIS Portal and the pan-European genetic conservation strategy for forest trees, have raised interest beyond Europe as they demonstrate how systematic and science-based approaches can be applied at a continental scale to document and guide dynamic conservation of forest genetic resources in different countries”, said Jarkko Koskela, EUFORGEN Coordinator at Bioversity International.

Furthermore, the EUFORGEN distribution maps for forest trees have become a landmark product used by various stakeholders. “The compilation of these distribution maps would not have been possible without devoted inputs from our partners across Europe,” acknowledged Michele Bozzano, EUFORGEN Programme Specialist.

The European Forest Genetic Resources Programme – hosted by Bioversity International – was established in October 1994 after the first Ministerial Conference of the FOREST EUROPE process, held in Strasbourg, France, called for an instrument of international cooperation to promote and coordinate the conservation of forest genetic resources in Europe. The programme also contributes to the implementation of other FOREST EUROPE commitments on forest genetic resources and relevant decisions of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD).