High-level Opening Plenary: Negotiating landscapes for multiple benefits

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Watch discussions at the high-level opening plenary session from the first day of the Global Landscapes Forum 2014, in Lima, Peru, during COP20. The session explores how integrated approaches support the achievement of multiple benefits in the landscape, by addressing the following points: Which processes and principles can be applied that help in negotiating multiple benefits? What are the main obstacles to achieving combined land use solutions? And what does “good landscape governance” look like?

Andrew Steer
World Resources Institute

Eduardo Rojas Briales
Assistant Director – General

Juan Manuel Benites Ramos
Minister of Agriculture

Rachel Kyte
Vice President
World Bank

Peter Holmgren
Director General
Center for International Forestry Research

Daniel Nepstad
Executive Director
Earth Innovation Institute

Victoria Tauli-Corpuz
Special Rapporteur Indigenous Peoples’ Rights

Fabiola Muñoz-Dodero
Executive Director
Peruvian National Forest and Wildlife Service

Saturday, 6 December 2014
Global Landscapes Forum, Lima, Peru
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