Harrison Karnwea: How Liberia fights climate change by planting trees – GLF 2016 Marrakesh

Harrison Karnwea, Managing Director of Liberia’s Forest Development Authority, talks about how his country is protecting itself against desertification and environmental change by restoring landscapes – before it is too late.
There is now broad recognition of the potential impact of landscape restoration on both mitigation (e.g. on vegetation cover and soil carbon sequestration) and adaptation (e.g. on resilient farming systems and disaster risk mitigation). Restoration also plays its own part in efforts to address and manage other key development challenges such as food security, rural poverty, employment and displacement and migration. Different studies and publications have documented strategies and solutions to effectively address land degradation and promote resilient landscapes in Africa, and drylands challenges have become a common denominator.

Landscape restoration was among the key issues discussed at the 2016 Global Landscapes Forum: Climate Action for Sustainable Development (16 November, alongside UNFCCC 22).

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