Sonia María González Molina

Director General for Environmental Research and Information, Ministry of Environment, Peru

Sonia María González Molina is the Director-General for Environmental Research and Information at Peru’s Ministry of Environment. Previously she also served Specialist for Desertification and Drought in the Directorate-General for Climate Change, Desertification and Water Resources, and as Alternate National Director of the Project “Promoting Sustainable Land Management in Las Bambas” at the ministry. She has been a member of the Peruvian Delegation to the Conference of the Parties to the UNCCD, representing the Ministry of Environment. Ms. Gonzalez has worked as Editor-in-Chief of the Dry Areas Scientific Journal and held teaching positions, including as a professor of the Faculty of Environmental Engineering and Management at the Universidad Cientifica del Sur where she teaches about Desertification and Climate Change. She is a biologist, graduate of the Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina, with a Master’s degree of Applied Ecology and a Specialization in the Management of Environmental Quality and Environmental Auditing.