Paulo Canaveira

Lead Negotiator on LULUCF, European Union

Paulo Canaveira is the Lead Negotiator on land use, land-use change and forestry (LULUCF) for the European Union, and coordinator of the Portuguese National Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change. He provides support to national, European and international negotiations on climate change. Additionally, Mr. Canaveira compiles the National Inventory Report (chapter on LULUCF) for Portugal. He is a member of the Portuguese National Delegation on international UNFCCC meeting, including COP, COP/MOP, SBSTA, technical workshops, EU WPIEI. He is charged with managing the election, financing and follow-up of projects related to climate change for the Portuguese Carbon Fund. Finally, he supports the definition and implementation of finance programs for adaptation to climate change financed by the EEA Grants and the Portuguese Carbon Fund.