Jane Feehan

Natural Resources Specialist, European Investment Bank (EIB)

Jane Feehan is a Natural Resources Specialist at the European Investment Bank (EIB). She is a forest sector and natural resource management specialist who works on the Bank’s forestry, agriculture, fisheries and aquaculture projects. Throughout her work she has an interest in sustainable land use and the challenge of meeting future basic resource needs in an increasingly resource-constrained world, and in the cross-sectoral task of understanding and meeting the investment needs that arise from this. Prior to joining the Bank Jane worked with the European Environment Agency in Copenhagen, where she specialised on impacts of climate change on biodiversity; agri-environmental policy design; and policy effectiveness analysis. She has also worked with the Irish Environmental Protection Agency and the European Commission (DG ENV). Her publications include peer-reviewed papers on agri-environmental policy effectiveness; impacts of climate change on Europe’s forest ecosystems; and a book chapter on European environmental policy.