Evarist Nashanda

Evarist Nashanda, UN REDD+ Focal Point, Government of Tanzania

Evarist Nashanda is the Focal Point for the UN REDD+ proram and the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility at the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism, Tanzania Forest Services.He is a Forester and Conservation Biologist with 26 years of experience. He is also a member of the National REDD+ Task Force, which oversees the development and implementation of the REDD+ mechanism in Tanzania. Mr. Nashanda participated in the development of the National REDD+ Strategy, National Climate Change Strategy and Forest Landscapes Management Programme including serial nomination of World Heritage Site. Currently he focused on ensuring Tanzania qualifies for REDD+ results-based payments by putting in place an MRV System, National REL/RL, National SIS for REDD+, and REDD+ Governance.