Andy White

Coordinator, Rights and Resources Initiative (RRI)

Andy White is a Coordinator at the Rights and Resources Initiative and the President of the Rights and Resources Group, the nonprofit coordinating mechanism of RRI. Prior to helping create and establish RRI, Andy White served as Senior Director of Programs at Forest Trends. He also worked as Natural Resource Management Specialist at the World Bank and as a consultant to the International Food Policy Institute, Save the Children Federation and the Inter-American Foundation. He has worked extensively in Haiti, Mexico and China and supervises policy research, advocacy and policy engagement Asia, Latin America and Africa. His research and publications have focused on forest tenure and policy, forest industry and trade, as well as on the role of forests, communities and institutions in climate change. Mr. White has a PhD in Forest Economics, an MA in Anthropology from the University of Minnesota, and a BS in Forestry from Humboldt State University.