Day 2 | Dec 7   14.15 - 15.45

Learning from REDD Safeguards Information Systems (SIS): Voices from research, policy and practice

Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR), REDD+ Social and Environmental Standards (REDD+ SES) Initiative

Countries are required to comply with seven safeguards articulated in the UNFCCC COP 16 Cancun Agreement: 1) complement national forest programs and international conventions and agreements; 2) maintain transparent governance; 3) respect knowledge and rights of indigenous people and local communities; 4) obtain effective participation in REDD+ design and implementation; 5) promote forest conservation and other environmental and social co-benefits; 6) address risks of reversals; and 7) reduce leakage.

The Warsaw REDD+ Framework requires that countries establish SIS in order for them to be eligible for results-based payments, which has placed safeguards higher on international and national REDD+ agendas and drawn more attention to future financing requirements of REDD+. Additionally, there are high expectations that the new climate agreement will include REDD+. The proposed discussion forum provides a timely opportunity to synthesize lessons learned from early REDD+ SIS implementation, and think ahead to monitoring and supporting REDD+ safeguards in the post-2020 climate regime.

Key questions addressed?

  1. What are the key advances and challenges in the implementation of Safeguards Information Systems (SIS) by REDD+ countries?
  2. How can existing monitoring systems and datasets be leveraged to support SIS implementation?
  3. Who will pay for SIS? How could these systems allow countries to access emerging financing opportunities associated with REDD+?

Background reading:

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