Day 1 | Dec 6

Thematic Pavilions and Landscapes Laboratory

The Global Landscape Forum Knowledge Share Fair took part in the Thematic Pavilions on Saturday, 6 December. The Share Fair aimed to help participants:

  • Learn more about the specific themes in the pavilion through interactive sessions and discussions;
  • Gain insights into challenges and potential solutions relating to issues in each theme; and
  • Establish and build new contacts and networks.

Pavilions and activities in each of the three tents (see map for more details on locations)


Tent Pavillion Themes Time Program
A A. Farming and forest families in living landscape 19:30 Fishbowl discussion on how how multi-stakeholder processes for improving landscape management can support poverty alleviation and livelihood activities
B. Food security, livelihoods and poverty reduction 20:15 Debate with people who depend on their landscapes (from Family Farming)
B C. Green economy & sustainable investments 19.15 Presentations on the role of standards in green economy approaches
C. Green economy & sustainable investments 19:45 Fishbowl discussion on role of standards
D. Climate change mitigation & adaptation 20:15 Discussion on funding for REDD+ projects and programs, including the role of the carbon market, domestic and international sources of finance
C F. Indigenous people 19.15 Indigenous storytelling – listening to voices from Peruvian indigenous communities and discussing with them
G. Technology and innovation & landscape laboratory 20:00 R&D developments to improve climate change initiatives
E. Gender 20:30 Two breakout sessions on gender:

– Participatory gender research

– Initiatives to integrate gender into programs