Financial forces in the landscape: Can fiscal and trade policies reduce deforestation?

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Watch this high-level dialogue from the second day of the Global Landscapes Forum 2014, in Lima, Peru, during COP20. Subsidies, taxes, tariffs and other fiscal and trade policy instruments have major direct and indirect effects on land use. This panel discusses the ways in which such economic instruments are currently shaping forests and agriculture.


Tim Christophersen
Senior Programme Officer Forests and Climate Change


Maria Cristina Morales Palarea
Minister of Environment

Simon Buckle
Head of Climate Change, Biodiversity and Water Division
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

Tefera Mengistu
Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Ethiopia

Pavan Sukhdev
CEO, Green Initiatives for a Smart Tomorrow
UNEP Goodwill Ambassador

Sunday, 7 December 2014
Global Landscapes Forum, Lima, Peru
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