Four parallel sub-plenaries

Landscapes policy and governance for forestry, agriculture and other land uses

Time: 11:00 - 12:30 Day 2 | Nov 17


Access to land and natural resources in developing countries is characterized by increasingly complex multi-level governance mechanisms involving a large number of state and non-state actors. Globalization and decentralization, and the multi-scalar social and environmental changes associated with each, are two related processes that create a need for better understanding linkages across different spatial scales and governance levels. The globalization of trade and investments is increasingly generating pressures to convert forests into various land uses such as for oil palm, bioenergy feedstocks, timber, pulp and paper and agribusiness plantations. This panel will explore the role of both government and corporate actors to improve both our understanding of the motivations and activities of the private sector as well as emerging public and corporate governance mechanisms and their impacts on forests, and forest-dependent communities.


  • Antti Savilaakso

    Director of Responsible Investment & Gover nance at Nordea, the largest financial group in Northern Europe

  • Simo Honkanen

    Senior Vice President, Sustainability, Neste Oil

  • Jessica Fries

    Executive Chairman of The Prince's Accounting for Sustainability Project (A4S), established by The Prince of Wales


  • Tony La Viña

    Dean, Ateneo School of Government, Ateneo de Manila University; REDD+ facilitator and UNFCCC negotiator for the Philippines

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